One team, one family

Say hello to the D&B Cloud Innovation team.

Mark Cunningham

President & Founder

Mark began his career in 1992, when his family company began building the world’s first Windows-based reporting tool Crystal Reports. With more than 20 years’ experience in the business intelligence industry, he has been on the founding team of four successful startups in Vancouver, including cloud BI company Indicee. Following Indicee’s acquisition by D&B in April 2014, Mark now heads up the D&B Cloud Innovation team. In his spare time, he plays guitar for several local bands, kitesurfs, cycles, and flies planes.

Luke Evans

Chief Scientist

For over 20 years, Luke has been one of the leading architects in the business intelligence industry. Luke began his career at UK-based Holistic Systems, pioneering multidimensional modelling and reporting. Following the company’s acquisition by Seagate Software, Luke relocated to Vancouver and continued to lead the technology roadmap as the company became Crystal Decisions, then Business Objects and eventually SAP/Business Objects. Luke provides technical leadership at the D&B Cloud Innovation Center, heading up Engineering, QA and Operations. He remains hands-on with architecture and project planning and has even been known to write code on occasion!

“I love working here because I'm working with people who are really at the top of their field.”

Chris Demwell, Cloud Operations Manager

Elizabeth Adams

Director of Marketing

With over eight years’ experience at cloud tech companies in London and Vancouver, our Director of Marketing is a staunch cloud evangelist. Liz drives thought leadership and educational activities at the Cloud Innovation Center. A british expat, she loves the great Canadian wilderness and is happiest on top of a mountain or hiking in the middle of nowhere without phone signal.

Graham Ross

VP Product Management

Graham is a fierce customer advocate who combines 14 years of leadership experience in technology with 10 years of manufacturing expertise in roles ranging from Operations Manager to Plant Manager to Software Engineer. He speaks fluent French, loves to sail, and when not at work, is most commonly found on the slopes at Whistler, BC—skiing in winter, and biking in summer.

Craig Todd

VP Customer Success

Craig is passionate about making our customers wildly successful. With over 20 years’ experience, including Head of PreSales for the OEM Division at Crystal, and WorldWide Director of PreSales at 90 Degree Software, Craig is a veteran of the industry. He loves skiing, camping, swimming and buying donuts for the office… we don’t call him Chief Happiness Monitor for nothing!

Chris Demwell

Cloud Operations Manager

Chris brings 10 years’ experience in managing agile technical operations to D&B’s Cloud Operations team. As Cloud Operations Manager, Chris is responsible for the architecture and management of our cloud infrastructure and is passionate about making the Cloud Innovation Center a devops cultural leader in Vancouver’s technical community. Chris loves motorcycle touring, sailing keelboats, and scuba diving in ice-free waters.

“One of the great things about working within Dun and Bradstreet is that we haven't lost any of our startup vibe. People often think that working for a large company is the death of innovation but it's the exact opposite!”

Elizabeth Adams, Director of Marketing

Simona Hera

Quality Assurance Lead

Having spent more than 15 years’ in quality assurance roles, Simona brings a wealth of experience in agile development practices to the team. Her journey to the D&B Cloud Innovation Center began in 1999 when she landed a QA job at NCompass Labs, a company later acquired by Microsoft. She then joined Axonwave, a startup that specialized in natural language processing before joining yet another startup called Actenum. She joined Indicee in 2010 and now leads the QA team at the D&B Cloud Innovation Center.

Tom Haggie

Senior Software Architect

Tom has been building business intelligence software for over 15 years. His first job was at UK-based startup Holistic Systems. Following Holistic’s acquisition by Seagate Software, Tom relocated to Vancouver, then to Paris, then back to Vancouver. Tom stayed at the company as it became Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, and eventually SAP. Working in the cloud excited Tom so much, he eventually left to join a few former colleagues at Indicee. At the D&B Cloud Innovation Center, Tom leads our Front End Applications Development team. With 2 young kids, he is unfamiliar with the term “free time”.

Amin Yazdeni

Senior Software Engineer

Born and raised in Iran, Amin moved to Vancouver 5 years ago to continue his studies in Computer Science. Following graduation, Amin took on a 6 month R&D internship before joining the Indicee team as a Solutions Engineer. At the D&B Cloud Innovation Center, Amin works as part of the Front End Applications Development team and is current COO of the Ministry of Fun.

John Keinanen

Senior Software Architect

As Team Lead for Core Tools, John oversees the creation of the tools that support the core functionality of our platform. These tools address a range of customer needs, from modeling business data to designing reports and dashboards. John has been developing web software for 20 years, and has worked in a variety of environments including two successful startups, Microsoft, and now D&B.

Magnus Byne

Senior Software Architect

Magnus has a PhD in computer science and has worked in a wide variety of different technical roles throughout his career. His work experience includes analyzing peoples’ golf swings to help them improve their game, recognizing human gestures to control computer interfaces, and natural language processing to extract meaning from unstructured data. Like many of the Cloud Innovation team, Magnus also worked in R&D at Business Objects/SAP before joining Indicee. As our Server Side Development Team Lead, Magnus oversees the design and implementation of the server side code that supports our platform’s UI and manages the customer data store and reporting engine.

Richard Webster

Senior Software Architect

Richard’s career began in the mid-1990s when he joined the QA team at Crystal Reports. Moving through various development leadership and architect roles (as well as working on some special research projects along the way), he now has more than 20 years experience building reporting and analytics products. Today, Richard leads our Report Engine Development team.

Maryam Khezrzadeh

Software Developer

Maryam has been developing software professionally for more than 5 years. Before joining Indicee in 2012, Maryam was Lead Engineer at Foodtree and part of the Development team for the Innovation Center at Business Objects. With innovation in her blood, Maryam today works on our Server Side Development team but also loves helping out with front end development when needed. Maryam currently holds the prestigious title of President of the Ministry of Fun.

Masoud Harati

Software Developer

Having previously worked at companies such as D-Wave and SAP, Masoud is currently part of our Front End Applications Development team. He also works closely with the Customer Success team, providing technical support as needed, and is the Cloud Innovation Center’s Chief Photography Officer. In his spare time he takes (other) photos, paints, practices calligraphy and music, invents new drinks he cannot replicate, and when it snows, he skis.

“What I like about this team specifically is that everyone knows what they are doing and are very willing to share their passion and knowledge with you.”

Maryam Khezrzadeh, Software Developer

Phil Dufault

Cloud Operations Engineer

As a Cloud Operations Engineer, Phil specializes in substrate automation, operations visibility and tactics and keeping the development infrastructure purring.  Phil has been creating and supporting public and private cloud infrastructures for over 8 years.  He’s found paintballing, snowboarding, or hiking at his leisure.

Helmut Hager

Director of Talent Acquisition

Helmut has over 15 years of international recruitment and strategic sourcing experience in the hi-tech industry. A bona fide globetrotter, Helmut has worked in Austria, Ottawa, Hong Kong and now in Vancouver. As Director of Talent Acquisition, Helmut is responsible for recruitment and strategy with a focus on finding great people for the Cloud Innovation team. When not doing that, he enjoys a variety of sports and is planning his next adventure with his family.

Rosalinda Sanchez

Office Manager

Rosalinda keeps Mark organized and oversees the Cloud Innovation Center’s day-to-day office operations. She has worked in government, non-profit and tech companies as an office administrator and event, conference and meeting planner. When she’s not keeping order at work, Rosalinda can be found hiking in the woods while simultaneously planning her next meal.

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